Newborn Vertebrae: Work In Progress

Sock yarn?
Who am I??
vertebrae wip
This is what I asked myself halfway through the newborn vertebrae (pattern on Ravelry).

Last winter I went on a silly sock-yarn buying-spree. I was only three inches into my first sock ever, and decided I only wanted luxurious handknit socks to snuggle my feet into, for the rest of forever.

(This winter I finished that first sock - this one - and got started on the match)

Turns out... I'm just not a sock knitter, and I remembered this as I started the first sleeve on my little newborn cardigan. 

Little tiny yarn
Little tiny needles

One more thing! I'm going to over-dye this. What color do you think would look the best over pale pink, sky blue, and taupe?



  1. Good luck on. the knitting. Im not a tiny sock knitter either. I tend to back off when its smaller than 5mm . I like the colors! Why dye it?

    1. Hi Esther! I prefer variegated yarns to be much more subtle with the color changes. I'm thinking of over-dyeing with a deep plum.

  2. Sock yarn works great for many things, not just socks. Oddly enough I rather enjoy knitting with it, and much prefer knitting with smaller needles. The bigger ones hurt my arthritic hands these days. I like what you are making for the baby, and the colors look fine too, but that's just my thoughts on the matter.

    e-mail me when after baby is born, and send me your address. I'll send you a teen tiny pair of baby socks, just like the grown up kind. :) I make them all the time, with my left-over sock yarn. I find them fun to do. :)

    Keep healthy, and give my best to your Mom, please. I think of you both often.


    1. Thank you Sandie, you are too sweet! I don't think I have your email address, here is mine: nessaland.vyp@gmail.com

      Are you going to any of the winter spin meetups with the guild? Send everyone my love!

    2. You are most welcome.

      I have not attended any of the guild meetings in a couple years. My leg and back got so much worse, and it really is difficult for me making those long drives. And walking is very difficult. But it hasn't stopped me from knitting or spinning, thank goodness. I keep very busy even if I'm not traveling much. LOL

      Thank you for your e-mail address. Mine is sandilew@gmail.com.

      Take care and keep healthy,


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