what to do with left-over singles?

(what to do with all those left-over-on-the-bobbin-singles??)

I've had an inch, or so, of left-over yarn on my bobbins for months now.

I just attach whatever new fiber I'm working on, to the previous yarn, and spin away.
and whatever doesn't get used from that bunch get's left on the bobbin as well.
see my ever-accumulating dilemma?


well I finally got sick of my cluttered bobbins the other day,
and decided to ply all this abandoned yarn together.
44 yards


it's mostly merino.
cochineal dyed, blue, black, red and purple.
and when I ran out of the bobbin yarn,
I went for my stash of knitting yarn!
(I have bundles of left-overs
ranging from one to ten yards

this chunky masterpiece will lend itself nicely to a thick winter hat!

what do you do with your left-overs?

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  1. I haven't yet had enough left-over's to worry about it. I haven't spun nearly enough. The knitting keeps me too busy, I fear. I love your hats. Very unique and I bet they are really warm too. Do you believe this, I gave a homepsun hat to my niece, and she broke out in hives. How dare she be allergic, but she is. Oh well......... Take care. :)


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