One Month New

This girl looks different in every photograph,
and every day.

I like to look back and see just how tiny she was,
in the moments after she entered the world.
Soooo tiny.
My awesome sister in law snapped pictures at the real exact moment she entered the world,
in a cozy tub of water, she was so blue!
with a full head of hair, caked in vernix.
Pictures for another time ;-)


  1. Isn't she just the most beautiful little girl you've ever laid eyes on? And look at all that hair. You don't know how lucky you are. Being a redhead, all of my babies were born bald as a billiard ball, including my daughter. She was 2 years old before her hair was as long as what Willow has already!!!! LOL

    Thank you for sharing her with me. I wish all of you lots of happiness and good health.



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