Baby Bunting: Work in Progress...

Bunting WIP
using this pattern:
Bunting WIP
from this book:
Bunting WIP 
with my handspun yarn:
Bunting WIP
I brought my wheel to a spinning group last night and totally forgot the major component to my project... a core yarn! So I played around with core-less core-spinning. It's definitely one of my favorite techniques, but I prefer to use combed top as the base to spin the fluffy batt around - otherwise it gets messy. and tedious. and takes forever.
Bunting WIP
Here you can see the difference; 
Above, core-less core-spun. It's much more dense and confined.
Below, core-spun (with a thin nylon yarn). Super lofty and frizzy, seems like it will pill a lot quicker, but so soft and squishy. Also uses way less fiber!
it's a Girl!
The fiber for this yarn came from the aplaca farm in Florence (read more about that here). This particular fleece was shorn off of Joshua. He was a pretty clean fellow so I didn't bother washing before spinning, instead I shook it out, sent it through my picker a few times, and carded it up. The pink and orange wool locks are unknown bits from my fiber stash.

We'll see if you can notice the difference in the yarn once it's all knat up! 

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