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it's a Girl! 
It's interesting the way a mind changes depending on the mood. I started out with a cake in mind - a delicious fuchsia, beet-colored cake, half frosted with beet icing and blueberry icing with a Question Mark made of blueberries down the center. Then it turned into beet Cupcakes, each one frosted half blue/pink. The process ended with these cute little mini muffins - not too sweet. And heck, forget the blueberry frosting. Pink it is. 
Buttermilk Beet Muffins - (recipe found here)
it's a Girl!
After I got over the initial cuteness factor, I realized these just weren't that good. Sadly. The author of the recipe says they COULD be cupcakes, but... they're muffins, and frosting them created a huge vacuum in the muffin-or-cupcake realm that just lead to unpalatable cuteness.

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