Fiber Filled Weekend

A few weekends ago my darling partner and I drove down to Florence to meet a lovely family of alpacas and score some new spinnable fluff.

This gal had the best buck teef.
They don't think we're interesting... they want food!
Cute Littles.

Then we drove down to the Sand Dunes where we star-gazed, soup-cooked, and bundled-up for cold-camping.

We didn't get a chance to explore the dunes, due to a bout of (pregnancy induced?) altitude sickness. But I did get to puke into a jar as we drove away!
(I've only had altitude sickness one other time, when I first arrived in Colorado, and it is a very distinct, unmistakable kind of ill!)
Sand Dunes 

Fortunately for me, we stumbled onto a HUGE fiber-destash-yard-sale where I nabbed a few skeins on the cheaps. 

And THEN ran into the Salida Fiber Festival, which I totally meant to go to anyway but completely forgot about!

Needless to say, it was a very unexpectedly fiber-filled weekend.

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