(Brainless): a Single Sock

the "Brainless" sock
A year on the needles... 
Last year I had a love affair with sock yarn.
Although very brief, it seemed to accumulate in my stash...
Even before I knit a single sock!
This picture is from last November. Living on a farm, in a huge boarding house with just myself, my beau, and the plethora of creatures we took care of. It was marvelous. We had this huge kitchen that I often spent most of the day in; cooking, knitting, internetting, soaking up the winter sun through the bay windows, and tossing logs into the wood stove. A year fondly remembered..
 the "Brainless" sock
Finishing this pattern wasn't as painful as I thought it would be. Second trimester seems to be all about keeping my fingers busy, with sketching, learning the bass guitar, and knitting. Mostly knitting. The teeny tiny stitches did make me nauseous though. Anyone else experience that?

Pattern found here, on Ravelry.

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