Flashback Friday: A Series

It's no secret, I miss the rural atmosphere;
the secluded house on the hill
the fresh eggs and farm market bread One Eyed Jacks every morning 
the acres of forested land to explore
the windy, hilly back roads and thank-you-ma'ams

I even miss the never-ending chore of chopping and stacking firewood
the moo-ing of hungry cows in the morning
the layers of chicken shit caked on my boots
the bitter cold, 17 room farm house that I called Home
I recently put a book together
It's full of pictures that never made it to the internet
I'm trying something new here;
Each week I'll post a little something about the little farm in the Catskills.
Maybe I will stop missing it so,
or maybe I'll run out of things to post.


  1. Not surprised you miss New York. There is something very very special about this place. I tell my students go ahead, you think you want to leave this lovely place, but you will be back when you realize there is no place quite like upstate New York. I know you have a wonderful life out there and I'm very happy for you. I won't be surprised if you move your little family back here someday.

    1. "there is no place quite like upstate New York" - that's for darn sure! Gosh, I could ramble with nostalgia, but you already know. I've been meaning to ask you something... Expect a letter soon.


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