DIY: Dipes

I am officially crazed
diaper crazed
of the cloth variety

DIY Dipes

Patterns used, left to right; Rita's Rump Pocket, Babyville, Prefold2Fitted
DIY Dipes

The dipe with the owls has a hidden layer of fleece to keep the outer fabric dry. It shouldn't need a cover, in theory. This one turned out so teensy!

I'm testing out different templates and techniques to figure out what I like best... which is really hard without an actual tiny human to check the fit. How big will this little girl be?

Next step: figuring out a closure system that works for me...
Snaps? Hook & Loop? Pins? Snappi?


  1. Replies
    1. I just bought a bunch! Seems like hook&loop is best for newborn diapers since there is much more room for adjustment. I might try that too!


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