Adventures in Soap Making: the beginning

My boy and I adore Nag Champa soap. And when our local hippie shop stopped carrying it, I decided I absolutely needed to make some. I guess that was my initial "push" and then a great tutorial from OhHappyDay on Craftster.org was the kicker. I'm addicted.
CP [cold process] Nag Champa soap

Nag Champa

Then I tried CPHP [crock pot hot process]. I really like the crockpot method, I just wish my crockpot were bigger!

I used Energy FO and wiltons food color paste.

I tried to make a marbled effect with the orange/white, and I must say I do approve!

Tomorrow's adventure? Vanilla Almond layered soap. mmmm colour me excited!


  1. Nice! I want to try soap making but I'm afraid my new fiber obsession is going to put that on the back burner for a while. I like your soaps that look yummy. Talk to you later. :)

  2. Thanks! I go back and forth between my obsessions. I haven't spun anything in a while because I've been too busy dying wool and crocheting for a swap. and now I probably wont we dying for a while cause I'll be too occupied with soap!


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