don't create, break break break

I was not meant to use my creative mind today.
I burned two batches of clay earrings. A few plugs and tapers, both for myself and my buddy Andrea.
Then I broke my blender. I was just minding my
own business, trying to do good for our environment, and I fried the motor. Fried blender motor doesn't sound nor smell very nice. But whatever, the thing was from the 90's. I'm surprised it lasted this long! The 90's was a bad time for electronics...

I need to find other ways of occupying my next few hours.
Spin yarn??
I don't think I could possibly break my gnarly electric spinner.

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  1. Hi there, I found your 'tears' picture on flickr and that's how I got here. I was just wondering if you accept any custom made knitting scarf or glove?

    We're would like to run a giveaway for our visitors and we would like to support you as well.

    Good job. Let me know if you're interested to do so.

    Email: design@mohdrafie.co.uk


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