Wiltons Dye

I bought some Wiltons dye last weekend and dyed a bunch of falkland and merino wool. They are sooo soft! I definitely want to keep them all, but my etsy is starting to develop cobwebs from neglect haha. See mister Blog? It's not just you...

Coral ReefSummer DayWoodlandMish Mosh

I need help naming a few of them! You can just hover over a picture to see if it's already named.


  1. Hugh Laurie needs to narrate a sex novel.

    I mean, what?

  2. it is super hard to decide what to keep, spin, sell and gift.. aw crap... decisions.. decisions! I'm with you! All super gorgeous!!

  3. Yum, yum, yum, nom, nom, tasty! These are all awesome. :) I know this is weird but the orange and blue one reminds me of a blue crab. It makes me think of the beach. The last one looks like this fish: http://www.petshop-zoomania.com/CICHLIDS/Microgeophagus%20Ramirezi%20male.jpg

    I associate colors with bizarre things. So far with everything I make, I associate with an animal or a memory. I think I'm going to sell my stuff in Etsy with my descriptions that way.

    Anyway, these colors all remind me of summer. They look like snow cone tops. :)


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