HandSpun Hats

ever hear of magic mend? it's a blend of oils that help ease joint/muscle pain. seriously amazing for my arthritic, twenty year old, knitting hands! unfortunately, I can't find it online, but Heartstone Herbals sells it in Ithaca, ny.

the business of being born, merino wool, local llama, local cormo and other bits 'n bobs. (I started naming my hats after the documentary I watched whilst knitting. is that weird?? har har, some of them are a little bizarre...)

this one is for a good friend of mine who lost her family (llamas, sheep, goats, horses, bunnies) due to a silly technicality. I want her to know, she is appreciated for being such a loving lady, so I knit her a hat with her very own llama fiber!

I just wish I were invincible so I could spin and knit a new creation each day. that would be glorious!

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