Landscape Hat

quite possibly the quickest commission I've ever completed! a friend came over on friday to look through my stash and pick out possible colour combinations. I blended all the fibers, spun up the yarn, then cast on for the hat last night while watching a silly-cute movie.

finished yarn! *note: the orange merino I used for the sun... so very very super duperly jam packed with lanolin. I can't get it out! this is the first time I've had such a problem with a fleece. I'm going to try to clean it, twice more, and then...

all knat up! it's huge on me, I just hope it fits him well! and if not, we can always felt it a bit.

many different fibers went into this painting; local llama, local cormo, local merino, local shetland, mill end wool, mohair, and a bit of superwash wool.

I'm almost completely locally made! I just need to use up some older supplies, and I'll be golden.

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