snail mail heyday

ack! today was a great snail mail day!
crochet cotton, two gorgeous batts (soon to be deliciously corespun), stamp carving blocks (gotta get my practice on!) ink pads, and a DPN case!

every year I try to get myself more organized, with little success. luckily, I have talented friends who are more than willing to help!

tonya does amazing work with a sewing machine. she's also making me a few fabric baskets to hide my yarn in. so no more crazy kitties eating my woolies!

step #2 to get more organized and (hopefully) save some money in the long run, was to finally order the Denise interchangeable knitting needle set. well actually, it was an "i.o.u." from my mum. but she's been so busy with work and house occupants, that I wouldn't see it until the NEXT holiday if I didn't get it myself haha. I also want to get this set of double pointed needles if it doesn't get too expensive. my set of DPN's is as mis-matched as the hand-me-down furniture in my apartment (thank you grandma.)


  1. And where did you get that drop-dead gorgeous bit of green and gold fluff in the top right corner of your photo? I bet that will be amazing stuff once spun up.

    You needle case is gorgeous. Your sewing friend is extremely talented. :)

  2. I got it from lapoli's fibers! I absolutely love her batt's and can't wait to spin these up!

  3. hmm, my link disappeared. here ya go:


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