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I got my Denise knitting set in the mail yesterday and caught the knitting bug right away!

these were my first attempts in quite a while. I knit my first hat nearly 4 years ago, and have not knit one since (with the exception of a few baby hats). so they were pretty trial and error. I looked over a few patterns first, and then I just 'winged' it - knit it how if felt like it should be knit (the yarn speaks to me).

and no, I'm not a nut-ball. I just have a very close relationship with the yarn I create. hehe


this was knit special for my momma. I have been totally slacking in the hand-made gift category. I make tons of things for people, but not nearly enough for my family. especially my mum. so how's this for a birthday surprise? I corespun all the yarn in her favourite colors. oh and that chartreuse green yarn? one of my first-ever-hand-spun yarn! I have a few mini skeins of my first-ever-spun that are used only in the most special projects - like this one.



  1. This is super yarn and a really cute hat! Did you use a pattern? FABULOUS, love it!

  2. Thank you! I didn't use a pattern but I did look at a few earflap and pixie hat patterns to get a general idea, before I knit them.


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