Baby Cocoon; an extension of my womb

You may be wondering what happened to the baby bunting that I started a few months ago...

Well it was huge.
Like, toddler-size-huge.
baby cocoon
I thought it was just my gauge,
because, well, let's face it...
I don't test-knit for gauge.
[do you??]
baby cocoon
But really, my bunting measured up perfectly to the pattern.
Perfectly way-too-big.
Babies are tiny...
baby cocoon
So I worked it all the way to the end.
[like any sane human would]
and moments after completion,
painstakingly ripped each stitch out
[unraveling core-spun yarn is so so tedious]
 baby cocoon
But I would not be discouraged!
I cast on a simple, snuggly bunting sack.
A baby cocoon, if you will.
An extension of my womb.
I hope she likes it!
baby cocoon
I [very] loosely followed Eileen Casey's cocoon pattern on Ravelry.
It was a super quick and satisfying knit!


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