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My need to create has lingered into...
Sure, I've always knit. I use super chunky yarn, making up the pattern as I go.
But now... you can find me scouring the internet for cute baby knits, adding patterns to my new fangled Pinterest board, and increasing my "to knit" list in my Ravelry queue.
I'm new to this world of patterns and commercial yarns, and as much as I can swoon over a particularly soft skein of something pretty at a yarn store, it's so far out of my budget right now. So my love for knitting and my love for thrifting have come together!
recycling yarn
Here's my mission: unravel a bunch of lovely/ugly thrifted sweaters, dye, and to fulfill a huge baby-garb-knitting urge. So I'm taking this sweater apart (merino/angora blend, yum) and SURPRISE! It's not one continuous strand, it's two. What a pain! I've disected quite a few sweaters by now and this is the first to be knit with two strands, alternating rows. How interesting!
 recycling yarn 
This was a super chunky sweater (4th one down in the top picture). I got four skeins, approximately 560 yards total... for $3? Now that's my kind of yarn score.
  recycling yarn 
Over-dyed to create lovely heathered hues and one vibrant purple. The second and fourth hanks were pleasant surprises as I was trying for brown. Over-dyeing is certainly tricky!


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