Fallen in Love with a Fleece

Seven pounds of luscious merino locks
wrapped up in an old bed sheet
it was shoved in a closet
traveled with me through three moves 
(including a cross country move)
and I wonder... how the heck did I ignore it that long? 
 There is very little vegetable matter,
the lanolin washed out fairly easily 
(I use baking soda and Bright Green dish soap)
and it absorbs dye beautifully.

I can thank Ewe & Me Merinos for selling me on this fleece at the NY Sheep & Wool festival. I always get really anxious because there is so much to look at, so many beautiful works of fiber art, and way too many possible fiber purchases (not to mention the amount of people, everyone swimming through the wave of other humans) I usually feel like I've forgotten to go back to a certain artist/farm booth as I sit in the festival traffic and travel the two hours home.
This was a super score.
I do hope I can get ahold of them and order more!


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