Nineteen Weeks

girl or boy ?
I never realized how much others enjoy guessing and placing bets on the sex of an unknown human. They really dig it. Even people I've just met will take a number and add my womb to their gambling log. 

(based on what? some determine their guess by what I'm currently eating - or not eating, others say it's the shape of my belly, and a select few are based on the vibes I put off)
19 weeks
I get it, it's a magical time, everyone wants to be part of it.
 19 weeks
We're nearly halfway through womb-life! In just a few days we'll meet with our midwife, get our first and only ultrasound... and just might find out the sex of this little creature.
I don't want to get my hopes up though, in case the little pickle wants to keep it a secret. 
So what do you think,
girl or boy?


  1. It doesn't matter one whit what the sex of the baby is. As long as it's healthy and hearty is what matters most. You will love it regardless, and sure he or she will know she is much loved from hour one. :)

    By the way, you look radiant!

  2. We were young adults, yesterday. I remember fondly sitting next to you by the Art classes and talking awhile. You at your crochet, me at looking for a friend. When I look at your photograph and the life growing inside you I am all smiles. In as much as I am smiling, I have this curious thought; that thought becoming a feeling, sentiment on time. Virginia, I should like to thank you for your friendship and your continued interpretation of the arts, life. It cheers me in this gloom-weather to see your crafts, cooking and your extension of beauty in the womb.

    Lets make the honest attempt at penning each other, one day soon.

    Talk soon,



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