an art Yarnist's Lariat

small skeins
core-spun with fabric bits
2 plied with shiny bits
wrap it around your neck
once, twice, or thrice
 yarnist's lariat
Neck-wear for the art yarnist (yarn artist) in you!

I have been seriously contemplating starting up an Indiegogo campaign to raise money for a drum carder. I often feel like I've hit a creative road block (since my handmade carder has been rendered useless). There are bags and bags of raw fibers waiting for me to dip into... but I can't blend any of it into lovely fiber sandwiches! 
Fiber Equipment
Blending fibers and colors on a drum carder, like a textile painting, is my favorite (most inspiring!) part of the spinning process.
spun with kid mohair locks

I thought these funky, cozy, warm Yarnist Lariats would make a nice perk in the "help me buy a carder" campaign. 
 yarnist's lariat
What do you think?
Should I do it?
What sort of "perks" would get you stoked to donate?
Does anyone have any experience with Indiegogo or other similar websites?


  1. Hi! Just wanted to share my Indiegogo experience with you :) It was hugely fun and a HUGE amount of work in both yarn production for perks and keeping up the promotion of it (much more than I expected), but succeeded and was one of the most rewarding things I have done, I learned a lot! I think its really important to have a good video, lots of photos, lots of updates, and yes, perks people want! Luckily people wanted yarn :) (who doesnt!). Here is the one I ran a while back: http://www.indiegogo.com/woolwench I am no expert but feel free to msg me if I can help with anything. I would think your lariat idea would be a real winner! More could be bigger skeins, customs, even finished items, three months worth of skeins... a range of prices? Good luck, let me know if you set one up and I can post about it too! www.facebook/com/woolwenchyarns

  2. Hi Suzy, thanks so much for your insight! I'm going to send you a message on Facebook in a bit.


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