Super Secret Spinning Secrets: least favorite thing.

let me indulge you in a secret.
my absolute,
least favorite thing...
...about spinning

yes, that's right.
I said it...


I hate dislike it a whole lot.
I find it rather tedious,
time consuming,
and frustrating.
my hands are always super sore after,
and it squashes my mood to spin.

drafting drafting drafting

...yet, I just can't spin without drafting.
maybe my hands don't work fast enough,
or I don't comprehend how it works -
spinning and drafting,


well, that's my secret.
what's yours?


  1. I totally agree on the drafting hate. I hated spending time on it pre-spinning, so I learned how to draft as I go. It really isn't that hard, it does however slow your spinning down.

    My super secret spinning secret is that I hate plying. I love spinning singles, but plying seems like a chore that needs to be done. I really should spin more yarn like yours so I don't have to ply :)

  2. My least favorite thing is the tiny bits of chafe I am often having to tweeze from my roving, as I draft and spin. I am a blasphemer, as I only know how to spin by drafting as I treadle, and finding tiny bits of things that should not be there causes me to have to stop and start over and over. Hard to keep a good rhythm that way. :)
    Thankfully, that only happens on occasion, not all the time.

  3. I agree, drafting is a pain. Especially braided roving because not only do you have to draft it you also have to unbraid it! Do you spin on a wheel or spindle? I love your singles, they are so fluffy and yummy looking!

  4. Yes, drafting sucks. I've started to spin right off the locks. No drafting.


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