365 Take Two

or three? I dropped out of the first one because I got bored, or I couldn't take the pressure or something. then I tried a "52 Weeks". I thought I would last longer because it's not as big of a commitment as Project 365, but each week it would slip my mind so I just stopped doing it altogether. turns out I really do need some sort of large scale, long term project to keep me focused. to keep me here. otherwise I'm off in my own world as time flees irretrievably. I need documentation. in the form of photographs. to keep my mind moving. thinking. breathing. beating. to keep me here.

welp, I'm back. let's see if I can beat my last score.


flash back - 1 year and 9 months ago. I was going to the beach for a week with my bestest friend. I found this perfect technicoloured bunny at the thrift before I left and gave it to my boy so the time apart wouldn't be too unbearable. Now the bunny lives in a tree above our bed.

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