phat fiber fluff-tastic

I finally bagged my first phat fiber box!!!
the last few months, the boxes always went on sale while I was working. so even though I don't necessarily have the money right now, I didn't know when I'd get another opportunity. besiiiides, the theme is Master Painters!! how could I resist??

I tried to nab the first release (10am EST) but every time I clicked the listing, I was sent to the "sold out" page. so I waited around (and by "waited around", I mean "dyed a butt-ton of fiber") until the next release (7pm EST).

I was armed and ready at 6:49.
had my fingers glued to my keyboard commands
(command R to refresh, command down arrow to go to the bottom of the page)
so for 11 minutes I had my eyes glued 5 inches from my screen, anticipation running through my veins.
command R, command down
command R, command down
command R, command down
as soon as the Fluff box popped up, I whizzed through the buying process,
nervous that someone could snatch it from my fingertips at any moment.
but I got it!
and I am BEYOND excited!


  1. Damn Nessa, I can't see your winning bid of goodies. But congratulations!!! :)

  2. thanks, I fixed the picture! I plan on doing another post some time soon with pictures of what was in the FluffBox.


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