All About the Core

as you all know, I'm on a crazy core spinning kick. so naturally, I dug out the drum carder and threw some fiber in. 

grey mill ends, orange cormo [processed and dyed by moi], and pepto bismol pink cotton for texture.

this is actually two yarns that just might knit itself into a cute hat some day. one was spun from "tequila beach" batts (thanks lapoli!) with ribbon add-ins. the other was spun from a roving I pulled on my hackle sometime ago.


I had a hard time photographing this puppy. the colors blend from a purplish blue, to navy blue, to green.
commercially dyed (I think) shetland from NYsheep'n'wool, with stripes of hand painted green bamboo.

this yarn was a learning experience. I learned that I'm not too fond of icelandic wool. I learned that when I watch a tutorial video, it wouldn't hurt to actually follow the advice they give, as they probably know a thing or two about the certain technique they're explaining. and I learned that my boything really does want a hand knit hat, although that's irrelevant.
dark brown icelandic wool also from NYS&W, core spun and occasionally thread wrapped, with felted naubles strewn about.

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