so, it's been a while. we were without the interwebs for the majority of this month (thank you time warner cable for your ridiculous rules and regulations) and I'm not too surprised by this, but I get so much more work done without getting sucked into the abyss of the internet.

liiiike tons and tons of yarn get's spun.
"sugar skies" fiber from lapoli and my local fiber mentor at CatskillMountainFibers DSC01392

alpaca/merino blend
this one lived through some horrible bunny kicking from a slightly insane kitten:

various blends of alpaca & wool that I blended on my hackle. soon to be an earflap hat for my momma's birthday! (if I can find the right pattern in the next week... bah!)
mill ends plied with merino. not a very good picture of the colors (any one else have a hard time photographing mohairy things?) this will be sent to the loving home of an adorable new spinner when I finish the other skein! DSC01345

"peakin' through the trees" super yum-tastic merino plied with thread

I'm on a corespinning kick and I don't want to stop.

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  1. its really very beautiful. i like its colors and its looks... thanks for sharing this with us...

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