coffee mountain

I need to start a soap journal so I can keep track of when I made what... and what recipe I used haha.

Tea tree essential oil and vanilla fragrance, swirled with freshly spent coffee grounds. This one was definitely an experiment, but it went surprisingly well! I split the batch and added the tea tree oil to one part, and vanilla fragrance and the coffee grounds to the other. Then I flattened them out a bit, put the one on top of the other, and rolled it like a cinnamon bun. I need to collect some more pringles cans to use as molds :o)

So I kinda let the soap cool a bit TOO much before taking it out of my crock pot. There was a thick layer of hardened soap stuck in there. So I remelted it with some of my morning coffee (the coffee pot is right next to the crock pot lol) also threw in some more coffee grounds. and some oatmeal milk & honey fragrance. It's basically the most yummiest soap mountain ever.

Mt. CoffeeMt. Coffee

I bet it's gonna take forever to cure due to the excess amount of coffee I added in. Buuuut it will most definitely be worth the wait!

Man oh man I need to order more soaping supplies. What better time than the midnight before a major art history exam?


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