knitting needle roll

I love getting packages in the mail. Especially when I forget they are coming! Yesterday I received from my Angel, and I'd like to know who it was so I can thank them! They made this PERFECT knitting needle roll in these great tie dyed fabrics. I want to carry it with me everywhere just cause it's so pretty! I figure I can also use it for my paintbrushes when I need to bring them to class. AND it matches my little Indian silk bag that I use to carry my paints around.

Knitting Needle RollKnitting Needle Roll

I just need to post this over on Craftster.org and then I'm off to go shopping! I'm steering clear of the mall, the atmosphere there just makes me sick, and furious haha. Salvation Army and Craft Stores, are my kind of shopping! Then dinner with the fam and a night with my love. Don'tcha just love eventful Saturdays? I do.

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