Poor Little Goopster

Squirting my milk into her eyes to fight the pink.


for those of you reading this and wondering where I've been the past month... I birthed a beautiful little baby! we've been a little busy with family, nursing, postpartum difficulties, baby cuddles, nursing, sickness, oh and did I mention nursing? :-)
I'm posting words & pictures out of order... just to get back into it. so stay tuned if you wanna see more newborn cuteness and eventually a birth story! but I would suggest subscribing to my blog because the posts will be dated with the actual date they happened, so you'll have to search if you don't get the notifications.

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  1. I hope you are feeling better soon. I have missed reading your posts, but I do understand. A new baby is a lot of work for anyone. Take care and keep well. :)


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